JavaScript and HTML5 tutorials – creating tools and nice effects

Level: intermediate

From time to time we search interesting stuff on various websites. Today we present a small collection of things, that we were interested in. The tutorials also covers other topics like PHP, MySQL, etc.

JavaScript and HTML5 tutorials – creating tools and nice effects

1. Sliding single-level menu

Menu is one of the important components of any site. In this tutorial author have prepared a modern looking single-level menu. The menu looks really interesting, and have a sliding panel which highlights the active elements.


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2. Creating Pinterest-like script

More and more people likes Pinterest. If you would like to create own, similar project, here is a nice tutorial and a great starting point.

It’s not only about JS or jQuery, but also PHP and more, so creating a full web application.

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3. Javascript cross-domain api for your website

In this article you can find a small, but very important lesson where we will create our own cross-domain JavaScript API.

In this example we can see how I use JavaScript functions of our server:

var param1 = 5;
var param2 = 10;
do_sum(param1, param2, function(data) {
  $('#out').append(param1 + ' * ' + param2 + ' = ' + data.result);

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4. Snake game using HTML5 Canvas and KineticJS

Who knows the snake game? I think everyone. In this JavaScript and HTML5 tutorial you can find a great guide about how to create own snake game. Cool technologies such as HTML5 Canvas and KineticJS are used here.


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5. Responsive Website Using BootStrap

Here you can find information about creating a responsive template using BootStrap 3, which will include elements such as: two navigational menus, slider, promo block, a variety of content blocks, various form elements and footer. Pure template, without images.


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6. Pane for drawing in pseudo 3D

Here we have a pretty cool effect. In this practical lesson about HTML5, the author will show you how to create a pane for drawing which is spinning on its axis (on html5 canvas object). Each of your drawn shape will be spinning in pseudo 3D mode.

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7. HTML5 Face Builder

This is another interesting application of HTML5. Not only a toy, but a good lesson of coding, and maybe the starting point for more extended projects.

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8. Pure HTML5 file upload

The next of our JavaScript and HTML5 tutorials is about developing a great HTML5 file upload form with progress bar and preview (at client-side). The job is done in pure HTML5 and Javascript.


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9. HTML5 image crop tool

In this tutorial you can find the ‘Crop tool’, written in HTML5 (canvas) and JS. Now we can crop images at client side too!


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10. More tools?

If you’re looking for more tools, that are working on-line, please check our web-tools site.



JavaScript and HTML5 tutorials – summary

And with this we finish our today’s, small article. Hopefully we will collect next, interesting tools, JavaScript and HTML5 tutorials, and other, during working on our next projects.


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