Here we want to present basic information about the blog.

Who, why, and for what?

The DirectCode company was founded in May 2012, and working intensively both on their own, and outsourced projects.

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Based on experience, we decided to create a blog about programming in JavaScript language (and related topics, such as HTML5). We are focused on quality.

Next to JavaScript basics, we will describe a number of different topics, including JavaScript frameworks and libraries, AJAX, creating mobile apps, node.js and much more. We hope that everyone will find something interesting here.

This blog can be also used by developers, to find necessary information quickly.

The quality

We make every effort to ensure that the content is accurate, the quality is high, and code samples are well tested.

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However, if you find any error, we would be very grateful for the information.

Note for haters: we are not Alpha and Omega, and we are developing our knowledge all the time. Please respect our Commenting rules (available in Terms and Privacy). Thank you.

Thanks to
  • the http://iconfinder.com/ service, from where we get icons for articles,
  • all readers and other bloggers, especially those who inspire.

We wish you a pleasant reading, commenting and programming!