Top 5 jQuery plugins and articles — February 2016

Hello! We were to busy to publish next AngularJS articles, but at least here we have some cool stuff. It’s a small ranking of Top 5 resources from our website with web development stuff.

Top 5 jQuery plugins — Feb 2016

Here we go — from most popular.

1. jQuery and Bootstrap show hide password plugin

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It’s a jQuery plugin, that allows the user to toggle the password input field text visibility by clicking the toggle icon (checkbox). Styling with Bootstrap.

Top 5 jQuery plugins & posts from Feb 2016

Top 5 jQuery plugins & posts from Feb 2016

2. jQuery and CSS3 image direction-aware hover effect

This is a nice jQuery and CSS3 image direction-aware hover effect. The main idea is to slide in an overlay from the direction we are moving with the mouse.

3. JavaScript physics animations library — dynamics.js

A great JavaScript physics animations library — Dynamics.js! It’s a nice JavaScript library to create physics-based animations. We can easy adjust the type of animation (e.g. dynamics.spring), the duration, frequency, friction and other params, to get a nice final effect.

4. jQuery iPhone like password field — mobilePassword Plugin

Would you like to create the password input in the iOS-like way in your web project? Sure — there is a nice jQuery iPhone like password plugin for web projects.

5. Smart Wizard — a jQuery form wizard plugin

Smart Wizard is a jQuery form wizard plugin, which implements wizard-like interface with steps to pass.

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