Hello JavaScript World!

Welcome dear readers! This is the first entry on the javascript-html5-tutorial.com blog.

With this short introduction we want to say hello.

We decided to start a new blog about JavaScript and HTML5. But you can be sure it will be created with a passion.

JavaScript language (especially with HTML5) is more and more powerful, and we are very happy with this. Some of newer JavaScript possibilities are really exciting.

From this place we want to ensure you, that the blog will be developed in the long term perspective. When developing it for readers, we develop ourselves. This is very valuable for us.

And we have planned very wide spectrum of topics (and source codes of course) to describe and publish. The quality is our attitude, and we hope we won’t disappoint the reader.

So let’s say traditional Hello World (in JavaScript language :-)):

alert("Hello JavaScript World!");

That’s all for the moment. More information about the blog you can find on About Us page.

We hope that use this blog will be pleasant for you — at least as pleasant for us is creating it.

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