Top jQuery plugins — March 2016

Top jQuery plugins

Hello! We added many new interesting positions to our scripts and plugins library. Here we present a small ranking of top jQuery plugins from March 2016.

Top jQuery plugins from March 2016

Ordered by popularity.

1. Multi-step jQuery form wizard plugin — jquery.steps

The first plugin is a nice way to implement forms in web application: multi-step jQuery form wizard solution. Turn multiple forms into a step-by-step form wizard with nice effects.

2. Easy-Tree.js — jQuery and Bootstrap tree view plugin

Easy Tree is a jQuery and Bootstrap tree view plugin, useful and easy to use, with many features.

3. Elastic Grid — a responsive and filterable jQuery portfolio gallery plugin

Elastic grid is a filterable, responsive, interactive and powerful image gallery plugin designed for portfolio websites. The plugin bases on jQuery and CSS3.

4. Flip Carousel — a jQuery and CSS3 carousel plugin with flipping effects

A jQuery and CSS3 carousel plugin, which allows us to display content as carousel with flipping effects.

Top jQuery plugins

Top jQuery plugins

5. JavaScript Mind Map visualization and management — MindMup MapJs

MapJs is a JavaScript Mind Map visualization and management library.

6. A nice, editable jQuery table plugin with Bootstrap

This is a jQuery and Bootstrap based widget, that makes a HTML table editable and nice looking. The plugin turns a standard HTML table into a responsive, in-place editable spreadsheet. Input validation included.

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