A simple Halloween game in JavaScript — rapid development with jQuery

I love this atmosphere of Halloween! Having a free moment, I decided to create a simple game to fully feel the atmosphere.

Halloween game in JavaScript

It’s about the time not complicated requirements. For the project (and writing about on this blog) I had not too much time. Therefore, the aim was to create a game ASAP.

So in the shortest path, we’ll create a simple and well-known Memory game. Matched pictures disappear revealing a stunning background 🙂

The result looks like this:


So let’s code!

The memory game in JavaScript especially for Halloween

1. Nice graphic is the key

But we don’t have a time to create pictures. There would be great to play some scary sounds in background, bot for the moment we skip this topic.

We will use gfx available for FREE. I gathered icons from http://iconfinder.com/. Then adjusted their size (100 x 100 px). In our case we need 10 icons (20 fields on the board).

I also found a nice picture for the background. We have Halloween resources, so go to work.

2. The code

What we need is to revive these resources (like zombies :-)).

The code we will create in HTML5 and jQuery. Even in such a simple game we have to do couple complicated operations.

We save the time, so it’s good idea to take a look on Internet resources (e.g. on GitHub), to avoid writing everything from scratch. I have found a nice example on codepen.io, which can help to make it faster.

3. Create UI / style

We need to define CSS styles for the background, board and buttons, among others:

body {
    background-image: url('../gfx/bg2.jpg');
    color: #fff;
    font: 20px Verdana;
    font-weight: bold;
    text-transform: uppercase;

#gameBoard {
    margin: 0px auto;
    width: 640px;

#boxes {
    margin: 10px 0 0;
    z-index: 1;

And also the HTML structure:

<div id="gameBoard">
  <span id="gameButtons">
    <span class="button">
      <span id="counter">0</span> Moves

    <span class="button">
      <a onclick="startAgain();">Start again</a>

  <div id="boxes"> </div>

It’s time for JavaScript! BTW even Aptana has Halloween colors 🙂


In the JavaScript code we need a board, counter and images. The names of images are not important — we use them as elements of an array:

var mainBoard = "#boxes";

var counter = 0;

var gfxBase = [

// preload images
$(gfxBase).each(function() {
    var image = $('<img />').attr('src', this);

Pictures must be placed randomly, so we add two functions:


function doRandom(max, min) {
    return Math.round(Math.random() * (max - min) + min);

// put images in random order
function shuffleImgs() {


The UI contains the “Start again” button, which resets a whole game. Here is the handler:

function startAgain() {


    $(mainBoard + " div img").hide();
    $(mainBoard + " div").css("visibility", "visible");


    counter = 0;
    $("#counter").html("" + counter);

    cardOpened = "";
    imageOpened = "";
    imgFound = 0;

    return false;

The main point of the code is the function:

function openCard() {

In this function whole management is done: show / hide cards with animations, counter, checking for matchings and the game over state:

  if (imgFound == gfxBase.length) {
    $("#counter").prepend('<span id="success">Done! With </span>');
    // alert('BOOOO!');

At the end we run everything — building the board and drawing random pictures:

$(function() {

    for (var y = 1; y < 3 ; y++) {
        $.each(gfxBase, function(i, val) {
            $(mainBoard).append("<div id=card" + y + i + ">
                                 <img src=" + val + " />");

    $(mainBoard + " div").click(openCard);


And that’s it. We can play our Halloween game!

The game on-line available here:


Full sources on GitHub:



Halloween is cool! And in a few moments, we wrote a small, quite nice looking game, related with Halloween. Simple, because there was no time.

Would be great to add some animated elements in the background, or the sound. However, for a few moments spent on the project, we have quite a nice base for development.


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  1. Zalatwic Zalatwic says:

    Great short tutorial, I am using this to teach myself a bit of JavaScript now. Plus I discovered a great editor for JavaScript: Brackets that updates the webpage you build live as you enter the code — how cool is that? I was learning Java but this is so much more cool!

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  3. DirectCode says:

    BTW it’s good to fix the small detail of background image…


    > background-image: url(‘../gfx/bg2.jpg’);


    > background: #000 url(‘../gfx/bg2.jpg’) no-repeat center center fixed;